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Nimbio offers a solution to one of the largest challenges in property management: balancing convenience and security through common access points. With Nimbio you get both without compromising either.

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The Benefits

Control access to common doors and gates across your portfolio from a single dashboard.

Customize service provider access for only the buildings they need.

Cost-effective and secure remote access from any smartphone.

Approve and revoke keys within seconds and view all access logs.

How NimbioPRO Works

Nimbio works with your existing hardware to turn any electronic lock into one you can manage from your phone, making it the most cost effective and convenient option on the market. The Nimbio box uses a cellular connection meaning you don't have to build or maintain a Wi-Fi network to support the service.

Nimbio installs a small box connected to a building's buzzer system or electronic lock.

An authorized Nimbio key makes an open request to Nimbio’s cloud server, and in under a second, that request is verified and the access point has opened.

Save Time and Money on Unnecessary Trips

Never travel to unlock a door again! Nimbio helps property managers increase their productivity by allowing them to enable access to their buildings anywhere, anytime.

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The NimbioPRO Community Manager

The Community Manager is your command center for all of your properties - available on desktop or via the Nimbio App. Grant access or revoke privileges in a matter of seconds. Nimbio puts you in charge of who is (or isn't) allowed within your property.

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